Thursday, November 6, 2014

Ran longer..Wine & Dine Half Marathon

The other day I decided to head out and try another run buy wearing the calf compression sleeves. Well I still got the shin splints but I didn't get them nearly as bad as before. Come to find out my mom suffered and still suffers from them so maybe it's in my genes. Who knows at this point. Tomorrow I am starting up with the couch 2 5k program again and will work my way up to running a half marathon. I am still planning on running in February and want to run in the Wine & Dine in November of next year. Those are little goals i have set for myself and I will get them done! 

Above is my new favorite snack which is the Pumpkin Spice greek yogurt and oh my is it good!!! I highly recommend trying it out! It tastes like your eating the pumpkin pie filling! 

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