Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Went Running Again! Finally!

I finally bit the bullet again and went running and walking again last night. Now it wasn't in the proper shoes but it was nice to get out and enjoy the warm weather and enjoy the running again. It was quick short sprints in flip flops but it was fun. I was pushing my 1 year old nephew in the stroller and I enjoyed myself. I did a little over a half mile last night but I did well over my steps for the day which is what I wanted to do for several days now. I have been keeping track of my calories and what I have been eating via MyFitnessPal. I have cut out all soda and am so proud of myself too. I have officially been soda free for a week now and can't be any happier for myself. I have been drinking sweet tea but that is about it but not too often. I have found a new drink called bai and love it but sticking to water mainly for me.

I plan on getting a small run in later on for me and or walk in and that is about it. :) Time to get my training in for the Wine and Dine Half now!

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Down 5lbs!

I have been eating better now for almost 2 weeks and I am officially down 5lbs! I have quit eating sugar and feel so much better too. It's amazing how much better you feel after stopping something you have eaten all your life. I have also been soda free for 4 days now as well. My doctor changed the dosage of one of my medications and sodas unfortunately have taken a beating to my tastebuds. They taste either flat, like drywall or like I'm licking a ashtray. So yeah, I'm not drinking soda again! It's a good change though. I did find a good few drinks though and really like them. One of them is called PACt by Ocean Spray and the other is bai which I love! I love them both so much that I went back to Target today and got more!

I am very proud of my progress so far and I will continue to lose weight and update my progress.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

I haven't gone away...just making some changes!

I feel like I have neglected this blog for the past few months way too long. I have been dealing with life in general and have been having a bit of a pity party for myself. I haven't been writing because I have been saying I've been busy with school and more but honestly I have been pretty lazy lately. I have gotten off of eating healthy in result causing me to gain a good 10lbs and I am not happy about it. I haven't gone outside to run because I keep coming up with excuses as of why I can't. That's enough of that. I've done it way too long and my success has been too good to give up now! I signed up a few weeks ago for the Wine & Dine Half Marathon and I am excited to be running it. I have also made a commitment to run the Glass Slipper Challenge in February as well and am looking forward to signing up for that. I am hoping that I can be successful in whatever I do. I plan on finding a few races to run before my race in November so that I can also have a good time to turn it in for the GSC!

So today I started back to eating healthy again. I went grocery shopping and spent enough money on food and I am pleased to say I'm excited to get started back up. I also purchased a Ninja for myself and love it so far. I plan on making oatmeal pancakes in the morning and using the blender to make them. If they turn out as good as the recipe makes them sound then I will post that on here. We had chicken kabobs from Whole Food Market tonight for dinner, along with some corn and water. I have been soda free for 2 days now and feel pretty awesome! I might have been really cranky today but if you are around me please know it's not your's because I'm not drinking soda! I'm almost addicted to it so it needed to go!