Thursday, October 30, 2014

Run Completed...

Today I followed through on what I said I was going to do and that was go for a run. I walked the first .10 of a mile then I ran another .30 miles then I walked the remaining of the time. I feel like it might not be a lot for many but I'm just starting out and well it's kind of nice to be able to run without feeling like I'm going to die.

I also ran my fastest yet and so that made me feel really good too. I work hard on what I work on and while my abs are still sore from yesterdays work, I feel good about what I have accomplished so far! Now if I can only get rid of these shin splints then I will be doing good.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Core Workout & Breakfast

 Today I decided to get up and start working out. After I had Olivia out the door for school and I worked on a few things in my room, I decided that it was time to not go back to sleep but to start working out. I did some core work which included some 90 degree crunches, scissor crunches and planks. I had never done any of them so it was a bit of a challenge for me but honestly it felt good. I am planning on going for a walk/run this evening and I'm hoping that the shin splints don't come back. I'm at my wits end with them because no matter how long I stretch for or rest, they still come back. Ack! I'm over them. I try to push through them but that only leads up to me getting a horrible cramp in my calf and trying to walk or run through that is near impossible. I am needing some kind of relief soon.

I have been horrible this past weekend and past two days in eating and drinking healthy. So today I am trying my best at trying to eat clean. I know that when I go out to eat this weekend with my best friend we plan on heading to our favorite place...flaming Amy's in Wilmington so that will be a splurge for me but other than that I'm needing to be good. Today's breakfast I had two poached eggs, raw green beans with pepper and garlic and a bowl of oatmeal with honey drizzled on top. Yep...clean eating here I come. Trying to think of something that is halfway clean for dinner but I'm thinking of chicken, roasted brussel sprouts and maybe some rice or a salad. I need something good.

What is one of your favorite clean meals to eat?

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Balsamic Dijon Mustard Chicken Vinegarette Recip

I actually found this recipe via Neon Runner's Facebook page and had to give it a try myself. I love cooking healthy foods now and it's amazing because this recipe is sugar free and salt free! Holla!

So here is what you will need for the recipe:

Ziploc Bag (I used a Freezer sized)
Boneless Chicken Breasts, Stab all over with a's Ok to let it all out!

Ingredients per chicken breast:

2 tsp. Good Dijon Mustard (I used the cheap brand and it came out fine)
1 tbsp Balsamic Vinegar
1 clove of pressed garlic
Pepper to taste

Put chicken in the bag along with all of the ingredients inside the ziploc bag and shake vigorously! Just shake, shake, shake...shake shake shake...shake your chicken, Shake your chicken! Allow to marinate for 3 days. It will still be just as yummy if you do it the same day like I did. Next time I'm going to allow to marinate the entire 3 days!

Put into your 300 degree oven and let it cook. I started out with 45 minutes and then tacked on an extra 15 minutes. Turned out great and most of the family loved it! Even my super picky eater of a daughter named Olivia!!! Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Non-Scale Victory

Today I have a Non-Scale Victory (NSV) to tell you all about. I have been focused so much on my weight that honestly I haven't been paying attention to my body and how it's changing. I put on a pair of jeans that last year were a little snug on me and they today fit and are a little big on me. It's the little things that matter the most.

I would say that with not eating out all the time, and cooking at home it has really helped me gain control of my weight loss. I haven't weighed myself today because I know I'm bloated due to my monthly visitor coming but still it's nice to see those little victories.

What is one of your NSV that you have endured? Is it something that is good or something that is just too awesome to hide?

New Shoes Have Arrived!

My new shoes have arrived and lets say that they are super comfy. I wore them on Sunday to church and while in church my toes were going numb. Couldn't figure it out. Then I figured that it was because I have a high arch and just where the laces were was causing pressure to cut off circulation to my toes. Not good. I went onto pinterest and found a way that I could tie my laces to where that didn't happen again. Guess what? It was a success for me! I love my new shoes and I have even started to walk in them and take them on the road. Thankful that I had a few extra gift codes on Amazon for me to be able to get my shoes. Or else I would be in trouble. :)

Thursday, October 16, 2014

New Shoes..On the Way!

I have never in my life been so excited about getting a new pair of running shoes. But I am so excited over it! I have been trying to pick out a pair that would work best for me and found that getting a neutral shoe works best for me. Of course, I chose a pair of Asics and I love the color! I am hoping that I will be able to get them by next week so that the training will continue!

I am still on the fence about if I want to run the race in February or if I want to defer the race until 2016. Jason and I want to be able to get pregnant and add to the family and so if it means me having to wait another year, then that just gives me more time to be able to train. I do however plan on running a few races in the next year so this should be an interesting journey. I'm still going to run my Princess Half Marathon, just might wait it out for a year or so.

And I am loving this weather that we have been having...minus the rain. I could do without that since now the ground is so wet that all you do is sink in the grass. I am looking forward to going for runs in the cooler air too. I am still walking the dog in the evenings as long as it's not raining and I have been so good about not eating out and drinking nothing but water. Yesterday I did however go out to eat at my dad's store so that wasn't too bad. I just watched what I ate. I look forward to going to Chick-Fil-A though and getting a grilled chicken sandwich which is one of my faves now! Hold the fries please and water!

Friday, October 10, 2014

I have found a coffee creamer!

So today I was on my way out the door to head to the local Walmart when I started to pick up a soda, Pepsi Next. I then thought about it and decided to put it back and grab a bottle of water. Wow! What a difference that is from just a month ago because I would have continued to go on about my business and not even worry about what I was drinking. Even while on vacation I did have soda but I had water and eventually drank more water than soda. Surprise, Surprise.  Well while shopping for a few things that we needed, I found a coffee creamer a friend told me about. I grabbed it and thought to myself if I don't like it I can always add some sugar or something to it. Well came home and made my cup of coffee and didn't add any sugar to it! Sweet! It's called Coffeemate Italian Sweet Cream and it's sugar free! Even better! I have tried some other coffee creamers out there that have been sugar free and they weren't that good. But this I could use on a daily basis and not put any sugar in my coffee. One more step to becoming healthy I guess.

On the other note I am baking my grandma a 2 layer cake for her 95th birthday which just happens to be today and making homemade buttercream frosting to go on it. Yum. So unhealthy but I figured it's an honor to be eating cake with my grandma who is 95 years old! I will cherish these memories forever! Ok, not going to cry today over it but I am sure I will later.  We are having a small family get together and so it's pizza and salad night with homemade birthday cake. Can't turn that down today. Tomorrow is a new day!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

On Track & No Soda!

So today I have been on track of my training schedule and while it might seem like I haven't been up to doing normal things like actually running, I am still on track by just walking. Today I walked almost 2 miles which for me is a big deal because I did this in flip-flops which wasn't a good idea but hey we weren't planning on walking as far as we did. It felt great to get out in the fall air and just walk. I am actually planning on walking in just a little bit and even possibly running some in our neighborhood. I downloaded the MapmyRun on my iPhone and have found that it is that simple to use it. I will be looking at getting a Sparkle Skirt to be able to run and still keep my phone and personal items with me. Plus it's getting cooler out and so it will be nice to have something to keep my items in when I go for a walk or run.

Another thing that I have decided to cut out is my drinking soda's. I have drank nothing but water today and 3 cups of coffee. I'm still having to use creamer and sugar but I am going to hopefully change that over to splenda or sugar in the raw or sweet n low. I have to have some kind of flavoring in my coffee but maybe I will get used to black coffee one day too. (not!!!) Today I feel so much better and I noticed that my skin looks so much better compared to how it looked a few days ago. Almost glowing to me but it could be that I'm happy that I will hopefully have a job that I will love soon. So be on the lookout for me being able to purchase more and more things soon for my running and Disney addiction!

The picture above is from our walk today. It's going to be dark when I attempt to run or jog in the cold, crisp air so I'm sure the pictures won't come out that great!