Monday, September 29, 2014

And Time to Train...

Now is the time to start to train for the Princess Half Marathon! We just returned from our Disney World Trip and loved it. I did so much better compared to last year and even though my feet and my legs were killing me I feel like I actually accomplished something. I walked and even ran some while on our trip and yes I might be out of shape but this trip gave me more encouragement than you will ever know. I feel like this was the right thing for me to do and while running inside Magic Kingdom even for a short distance to try and get to where I could get a good look at Wishes, it made me feel like I could do the Half Marathon with no problem.

Now that we are back from our trip is time for me to start training for the Half Marathon. It's time to start getting ready to get in shape and head to Disney World in February. I love going to Disney World and we want to stay at Beach Club or Bay Lake Towers. After seeing Stormalong Bay at the Beach and Yacht Club makes me want to stay there because their pool is amazing! It has a lazy river in it. Might be more expensive to stay in but hey it's worth it to me.