Saturday, May 4, 2013

Hit a snag in the road...

The last time I went running I had some major cramping in my legs and my hips. I went back home to my parents house last weekend and in doing so I stopped by my old workplace and picked up a tube of BioFreeze. I also asked the doctor what I could do as far as stretches to help with the shin splints and hip tightness. He showed me some very good stretches to do before the run and also showed me some good ones for the hips. I haven't been back out to run since I got home but I have made a concious effort and decision to eat less out and more at home. I found that it's easier than I thought to cook at home and will help us save some money too. We figured that we eat out way too much and when I do so I sometimes overeat when we go out to eat. So tonight will be the 4th day of eating at home. Can't wait to eat dinner tonight either. Just have to do some dishes and we're good to go.

Now as far as the training goes for next year's race...which I hope to be able to attend since we're going to be homeschooling Olivia, is I plan on making a goal that's easy to get to.

To help with my weight loss I've decided that the first 25 lbs I lose I will go purchase a iPod Shuffle so that I can clip it onto my shirt without the heavy weight of my iPhone. I also plan on getting myself a Garmin Forerunner 10 to help use that on accuracy since I have been having a hard time getting my phone to be correct.

I can't wait to lose the weight and now I've got to try to lose some before we head to Disney World in less than 40 days until we leave. I think I have a pretty good goal set to lose 25 lbs by then...starting today!

I'm drinking my cup of coffee and will then get dressed and ready to hit the track with Olivia. It's going to be a great day no matter what I may think!!!