Saturday, April 20, 2013

Grilling for Loss

Ever since Jason and I got the new grill the other day I've been a grilling machine. I told him that I'd like to have a grill to help lose weight. I know that when I was at home with my parents I lost weight by eating healthy and by cooking our food on the grill. I love the way it tastes too on the grill. I miss cooking with my parents but it's ok. We can start our own family traditions now.

Thursday I went for a run while Jason put the grill together and I had a horrible time doing the run and finishing up the run. I ended up hobbling back to the house almost in tears. Between the horrible shin splints I had, the tightness in my hips and the pain in my lower back I decided to call it a day and stop working out for the day. Yesterday I walked some and the shin splints came back but not as bad. I guess since it's been years since I've actually ran and worked out outside, I have to get used to it again. Today I didn't run and took it easy. Tomorrow I'm going to try to head down to the track instead and see how things go then. I've upped my potassium intake and water intake too. Today has been drinking nothing but water, a glass of orange juice and a cup of coffee. Other than that it's been good and no soda which I know has a ton of sugar and makes me feel like crap. This time last night I was ready for bed. Tonight I'm up a little longer.

I've had a small headache today and I'm sure it's from lack of caffeine. I'm sure it's in shock that I didn't drink any soda and no sweet tea. I put 3 sweet 'n lows in my coffee and a little bit of coffee creamer (sugar free of course). Tonight for dinner I had one chicken leg quarter that had some George's Bar-B-Que sauce on it and I had some fresh grilled squash and onions. Yum. And I had water with my meal. Tomorrow will most likely be leftovers since we still have a ton of chicken leftover and some veggies. I'm looking forward to losing this weight once and for all. I hope I can lose enough by the time we leave for Disney in June so I won't have to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe and if I do then I want it to be for losing weight and not gaining it. :)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Weight Needs to Go!

So today I got out most of my summer clothes to see if I had any shorts that I could wear. Nope! Nothing except for workout ones. Not what I was looking for! So I'm now on a bigger mission to lose this weight and start running and working out more! I need to lose enough weight before we leave for Disney in 58 days! I'm on a mission and I'm not going to stop until I get there. So that means no more eating fast food a lot and if we do go get fast food I will get a grilled chicken or a salad instead. No more drinking a ton of soda like I have been and eating at home more often. Today we went to the store and I picked up a bunch of fresh fruits, lean meats and wheat bread to help us. Plus I got light margarine and light mayo. I think that will be a good start. I was planning on going for a walk/run today but the track was being used by two different sports today. So it looks like tomorrow I will have to get it in. Plus the pollen count today is high so that's also stopping me. Times like this I wish we had a treadmill so that I could still get my run in even though the pollen count is high. Hopefully this summer we can get one or at least it would be nice to get one for the house.

I got my new shoes today and I wore them to the school to pick Olivia up and then we went to the store after that. For once my feet don't hurt so bad to where I have to stop walking for a few minutes. It's amazing what a pair of fitted running shoes can do for you!

Monday, April 15, 2013

New Shoes on the way!

So I went running last week and after I completed the running my feet and knees were killing me not to mention the killer shin splints I was having. I have always gotten shin splints and just thought it was because I don't stretch like I should before I workout. But after reading up on it I found out it's from lack of arch support and shoes that fit your foot right. This past Saturday Jason and I drove up to Raleigh to hit up one of the homeschooling stores. While we were up there we decided to check out the Running Store there as well. I wasn't planning on getting new shoes but I did want to have my feet fitted for the right shoes for when I do get them. I tried on several different pair including Saucony's, Acsic's, Addias and Mizuno's. The Saucony's didn't feel good on my foot because of where the back of the shoe hit on my achilles tendon. I'm very picky about that and if it's too low then it will bother me. I tried the Mizuno's and fell in love with them. They were very lightweight and they felt like they had just the right cushioning and arch support that I needed.

I got the Mizuno Wave Rider 16's in Teal, Pink and Black. They are beautiful! I ordered them from Dick's Sporting Goods. They should be here Thursday! Then I can't wait to begin my full training for the Princess Half Marathon!

I've lost almost 5lbs this week so I'm on the road to a healthy weight and weight loss!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Today is a new day!

I'm still on track for losing weight but today was a new day for me! Today I actually got out of the house and went to the local high school to do my first workout using Jeff Galloway's 5k App on my phone! Plus I love having the idea of Jeff Galloway talking to me to encourage me to keep going. It's nice not having to hear the lady on the other apps say "it's time to run now, go" and me feeling bad if I didn't run at all! I feel really good now that I've done this. Tomorrow is my break but Thursday is my second day for week 1. I can't wait to do that workout. I ran several times during the walk/run but the one thing that I'm struggling with this go round is the shin splints! If anyone knows how to get rid of them please let me know. I think I'm going to have to break down and go get a new pair of sneakers after all. I didn't want to and thought I could wear the ones I have had for a year (and no I wasn't wearing them the entire time, more or less I was wearing my flip flops and crocs before). But nope it looks like it's going to have to be new shoes time for me.

Today was a much better day eating wise too. I started back to taking antidepressants because I knew that it was definitely time to. I just couldn't get out of bed and I was always hungry. Big sign there but I didn't want to believe it. I didn't want to go to the doctor to tell him it's time to go back on them but yesterday I knew I had to. Today was my 2nd day taking them and I didn't lay in bed all day long, I actually got out of bed, took a shower and went out for a walk/run! Big step for me there. Plus I haven't been eating much either which is wonderful because I notice that I'm more of an emotional eater and so I'm ready to drop the poundage again!