Monday, April 15, 2013

New Shoes on the way!

So I went running last week and after I completed the running my feet and knees were killing me not to mention the killer shin splints I was having. I have always gotten shin splints and just thought it was because I don't stretch like I should before I workout. But after reading up on it I found out it's from lack of arch support and shoes that fit your foot right. This past Saturday Jason and I drove up to Raleigh to hit up one of the homeschooling stores. While we were up there we decided to check out the Running Store there as well. I wasn't planning on getting new shoes but I did want to have my feet fitted for the right shoes for when I do get them. I tried on several different pair including Saucony's, Acsic's, Addias and Mizuno's. The Saucony's didn't feel good on my foot because of where the back of the shoe hit on my achilles tendon. I'm very picky about that and if it's too low then it will bother me. I tried the Mizuno's and fell in love with them. They were very lightweight and they felt like they had just the right cushioning and arch support that I needed.

I got the Mizuno Wave Rider 16's in Teal, Pink and Black. They are beautiful! I ordered them from Dick's Sporting Goods. They should be here Thursday! Then I can't wait to begin my full training for the Princess Half Marathon!

I've lost almost 5lbs this week so I'm on the road to a healthy weight and weight loss!

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