Monday, June 30, 2014

Back Out

So this past Friday, I had a package that was delivered to my house and I threw my back out. I was planning on getting started on my running and walking experience since Jason was home but instead I have been laying on the couch and in bed all weekend long.

I am doing much better today compared to how I was on Friday and Saturday. But I am still not 100% to how I was on Thursday. I also wanted to let you all know that I am moving. We are moving back to Nashville, NC which is where Olivia and I moved from. We are excited to move back to the area and we are excited of the opportunities that are going to open up for us!!

But hopefully by the end of this week I will be officially packing for a small getaway with my mom and the girls and taking Yoda to the vets to be boarded for a few days. And then I will be also packing up the house too. Oh boy...this is going to be fun!!! All while trying to train for the PHM!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Eating Habits

I have been trying to change my eating habits for the better and I have been finding it is easier than I thought it would be. I have gone from drinking sodas to not drinking any. Big change there. I have been drinking nothing but water all week long which is a wonderful thing for me (meaning no caffine). And I have been trying to eat more fruits and vegetables. I went to the grocery store yesterday and got a bunch of fruits and veggies from the produce area of Harris Teeter.

I had for dinner last night a turkey wrap with light mayo with olive oil, 3 slices of cracked pepper turkey, sliced tomatoes, sliced avocados, fresh mozzarella and balsamic vinegar drizzled overtop of all of the inside ingredients. It was so good and filling.

For breakfast I had today Quaker Oats, Apple Cinnamon Granola warmed up with some skim milk. It was so good and filled me up quickly.

Lunch was a turkey sandwich on Nature's Own Honey Wheat Bread with light olive oil mayo, 2 slices of turkey, 3 slices of roma tomato and salt/pepper. Then I had a small bowl of fresh broccoli crowns and some fat free ranch dressing. It was just perfect for lunch.

For dinner I am thinking of cooking up the pizza that I promised cooking for Olivia, but I am planning on roasting some fresh asparagas in the oven and possibly some fresh zucchini as well. I love both zucchini and asparagus and so this is the perfect thing for me to eat along size with the pizza tonight. It's so hot out today that I don't feel like doing much tonight. I have to do accounting homework tonight and finish working on a few things too.

Another thing that I picked up while at the store was some spicy black bean burgers. Yes they are veggie burgers but they are so good and filling. And good in protein which is what we are looking for.

What have you been eating healthy to help lose some weight?

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Let the Countdown Begin...

I have been not really counting down the days until it's time to sign up for the Princess Half Marathon 2015!! So with that being said... I have started a countdown!

 Who else is signing up for this race and is getting excited about running it? I am now looking for other races to run in the area and even though I haven't fully started to run...I think I am addicted to finding races. Uh oh...we might have another addiction here on our hands. besides Disney! Haha!

Running Shoes Fitting

Sunday, my hubby and I went up to Durham to go purchase a "new" car for him and while we were up there we headed up to Bull City Running Co. so that I could get fitted for new running shoes. I went in and got the most help that I have had since beginning my running journey. They watched looked at my feet, watched me walk, asked me to balance on one foot and see how my leg balance was. They also measured my feet and that is where I found out that I have been wearing shoes that have been way too big for me! Whoops! My feet actually measure only a size 7 and of course I have to have EE which is wide width. But geeze. Why didn't the last running store I went to last year figure that out. Instead they put me in a shoe that was way to big and hurt my feet like crazy!

Anyways, they had to order a few pairs of shoes for me since they didn't have any in my size. My size in running shoe is a size 8 but still that is amazing since I have been wearing a 9 which would explain maybe why I have been tripping over my feet all the time when I attempt to run or maybe why I get horrible shin splints. I'm hoping that with the new shoes that I will continue to get better at not feeling like I am tripping over my own feet and continue to lose weight. Now that I am all signed up for my first 5K I need to start training for it. I might only walk this one because it's not timed which is kind of stinky but still. Then I will actually sign up for one that is timed just to see how I do. I will find one close by home for that one but the Color Me Rad one seems like the perfect one to sign up for as my first one to run/walk in!

I will be going back to Durham on Saturday to see if one of the pairs of shoes they ordered is right and I will also be getting maybe a pair of Compression Calf Sleeves to help with the shin splints just in case. It doesn't hurt to be prepared. ;)

Friday, June 6, 2014

Color Me Rad 5K

Have you ever run a really cool race before? Something like Color Me Rad 5K? I haven't and I have always wanted to! I have always been interested in running in a race that was filled with lots of fun colors and something that just was short and fun to run in. And being that I am now training to run in a half marathon why not start out in running a 5k first?

Color Me Rad 5K is coming soon to a city near you! I have always seen this race from so many of my friends running in one that I wanted to be able to give it a try. This year is the year that I am going to! I have signed up to run the race on 9/6/14 at 9:10am in Wilmington, NC and I'm beyond estastic about it. This is a race where if you want to be able to blow rainbow colored snot rockets for a week then guess what? You can!!! You may be asking how it works and this is how the Color Me Rad 5K race works. You will start off the race wearing a nice clean white shirt and with each color zone you get to you will be blasted and hit and bombarded with color! And after getting through all of the zones and you have crossed the finish line then you will have your final coating of color. You will soon look like a tie-dyed person instead of a live person. Haha! I can't wait!!!

About the Color Bombs and Blasts! In previous years the color bombs and blasts have been made with gluten but starting in 2012 they started using gluten free! Awesome!!! So they are now GF Cornstarch Color Bombs and Blasters! Awesomeballs! I can't wait to look like a tie-dyed smurf! Let's see which one of my friends I can talk into running/walking this with me...I might have to sign up Olivia to run it with me too since it seems like I might have her that weekend. :) Whoop Whoop!

If you'd like to sign up and either get "RAD" with me or get "RAD" with someone else you know then use this code, "RADFIT" to get 15% off until July 1st.

Thursday, June 5, 2014


So even though I have been thinking about not running the Glass Slipper Challenge, the more I think about it, the more I think I can do it! I have been losing weight like it's going out of style and I feel more confident now that I have a friend who is standing behind me helping me and is my cheerleader for sure. Kristen has been cheering me on even on one of my bad days. It feels so good to be able to just walk a full mile and not be completely out of breath. I love how easy each new day it is that comes that makes it easier and easier to do. I am actually planning on signing up for a 5k in the Baltimore/DC area on 8/23 and also one in Wilmington on 9/7. I then will be looking for my first 10k and then my first 1/2 Marathon to run. I feel that if I can do it I know I will be ready to run! Only 1 month and a few days until it's sign up time for the Princess Half and Glass Slipper Challenge so I need to decide if I want to run both or just one. Decisions Decisions.

I am going up to the Raleigh/Durham area this weekend to get fully fitted for new running shoes and I am looking forward to it. I am also going to get some Compression Calf Sleeves and new socks to wear while running. My next goal is to purchase a Garmin Forerunner 220 and a Fitbit "one" as well.