Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Still Trying

Since I last updated this blog I was having trouble losing the weight and I was having a difficult time with my legs and feet hurting. I thought this was just because I was completely out of shape but come to find out part of the problem was I had been on steroids for over 6 months and the other part was my weight. While in Disney World this year I even had major problems with my legs. That was the heaviest I had ever been while going to Disney World and I had a hard time with my legs cramping up so bad. Now that the summer is just about over and I have decided to start losing weight again, it's finally starting to come off. Since May I have dropped 15.6 lbs. I feel so much better and my clothes are finally starting to fit better and even looser. My hair isn't falling out anymore (well not much) and my fingers and legs aren't swelling. I have cut down on the amount of soda I drink and that is helping tremendously. I can tell a huge difference in my face so far and it feels great. While I know this February I won't be able to run in the Princess 1/2 I will be continuing my chance to run in the Princess 1/2 Marathon for 2015 if I'm not pregnant. :) We are going to be trying to have a family next year and this weight loss is a big thing for me because in order for me to get pregnant I have to have surgery to have my tubal reversed. They won't do the surgery if my BMI is over a certain amount and so I need to lose weight. I feel that if I can lose enough weight by February then I can go ahead and have the surgery done. Not sure if we will even be able to get to go to Disney in 2014 but we are going to try. Praying for a quick surgery and recovery so that I can go ahead and start trying for a new baby. I have baby fever. But I will begin to try to run as soon as my foot heals from an injury. But for now I will just walk instead. :)