Sunday, June 12, 2016

Walking Allowed...No Running Allowed

So this past Wednesday I finally went to a new Primary Care Doctor after not being able to get into my current doctor that I have for months if I ever got sick. Plus I have been telling my doctor for almost a year that I have been hurting like my joints and muscles have so much pain in them I can't take it anymore. He just told me "Diet and Exercise and to stop being so lazy," and I was done with him the last time I went. I was just waiting for our new insurance to kick in to go to a new doctor.

Well I finally went and I love my new doctor! He reminds me very much of a doctor back in Fayetteville and I liked that doctor there. I talked with the new doctor about my concerns and he too agreed that something wasn't right. I gave him my family history and after looking me over he decided to do lots of blood work and also to send me to a specialist for my joint pain and muscle pain. The one bad thing about having so much pain is not sleeping well at all and well he told me that running was not allowed. This kind of got to me a little because I have a half marathon coming up in November that I was going to start training for. I guess I will be walking it instead this year. Boo! I kind of was looking forward to signing up for the Princess Half and Glass Slipper Challenge in July but that looks like I'm out too! :( Maybe I can sign up for the Star Wars Half in April. That would make my day! Or at least just do the 10k instead. As much as I'm a little bummed about not being allowed to run, I'm just happy my doctor is allowing me to walk. I might hurt when I get done, might not be able to move or get up in the morning but it will be worth it. I know I can do it and I am going to have to push myself no matter what.

So as much as there was a lot of negativity in this post, I'm just thankful that I have a doctor who is listening to me and realizing that something is not right with my body. Praying for some answers when I go back in July!