Monday, October 28, 2013

Weight Loss Still Going

My weight loss is still going strong. I've lost another 2 lbs and while that might not seem like a big deal for many but for me it is. I've decided to start back with walking at least 10 minutes a day and I decided to start back up with weight watchers as well. It's something that I have tried before and lost over 30lbs before and since I got the call from my doctors office saying that I need to do something because my cholesterol is high and I need to start exercising, eating out less (much less) and taking 4000mg of fish oil a day that is the last straw of being overweight. I have never had an issue with my cholesterol before so this is something that needs to get undercontrol now! So here is to working out more and weighing less and to working on running the Princess Half Marathon by 2015!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Princess Half Marathon

One thing that I have been wanting to do is to run in the Princess Half Marathon at Walt Disney World. Now I know that I am not the best runner actually I'm more of a wreck when running but I am going to start walking now and get up to where I can walk with ease until I know that I can start to run next. I want to be able to run with not a problem and not have to stop for breath or where I am so out of breath I can't talk. I know I'm completely out of shape now but that has never stopped me from trying to overcome my goals and hopes and dreams. I have been thinking of going out and getting a tattoo that's says something like this, "Dreams do come true if you just believe!" I know that dreams can come true because I found the man of my dreams, got engaged in Cinderella's Castle and went on a Disneymoon! Yes I know I'm all about Disney but if you didn't know me then you probably would think I'm crazy but my friends know that's who I am and they have come to accept it. :)