Sunday, October 20, 2013

Princess Half Marathon

One thing that I have been wanting to do is to run in the Princess Half Marathon at Walt Disney World. Now I know that I am not the best runner actually I'm more of a wreck when running but I am going to start walking now and get up to where I can walk with ease until I know that I can start to run next. I want to be able to run with not a problem and not have to stop for breath or where I am so out of breath I can't talk. I know I'm completely out of shape now but that has never stopped me from trying to overcome my goals and hopes and dreams. I have been thinking of going out and getting a tattoo that's says something like this, "Dreams do come true if you just believe!" I know that dreams can come true because I found the man of my dreams, got engaged in Cinderella's Castle and went on a Disneymoon! Yes I know I'm all about Disney but if you didn't know me then you probably would think I'm crazy but my friends know that's who I am and they have come to accept it. :)

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