Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Running Shoes Fitting

Sunday, my hubby and I went up to Durham to go purchase a "new" car for him and while we were up there we headed up to Bull City Running Co. so that I could get fitted for new running shoes. I went in and got the most help that I have had since beginning my running journey. They watched looked at my feet, watched me walk, asked me to balance on one foot and see how my leg balance was. They also measured my feet and that is where I found out that I have been wearing shoes that have been way too big for me! Whoops! My feet actually measure only a size 7 and of course I have to have EE which is wide width. But geeze. Why didn't the last running store I went to last year figure that out. Instead they put me in a shoe that was way to big and hurt my feet like crazy!

Anyways, they had to order a few pairs of shoes for me since they didn't have any in my size. My size in running shoe is a size 8 but still that is amazing since I have been wearing a 9 which would explain maybe why I have been tripping over my feet all the time when I attempt to run or maybe why I get horrible shin splints. I'm hoping that with the new shoes that I will continue to get better at not feeling like I am tripping over my own feet and continue to lose weight. Now that I am all signed up for my first 5K I need to start training for it. I might only walk this one because it's not timed which is kind of stinky but still. Then I will actually sign up for one that is timed just to see how I do. I will find one close by home for that one but the Color Me Rad one seems like the perfect one to sign up for as my first one to run/walk in!

I will be going back to Durham on Saturday to see if one of the pairs of shoes they ordered is right and I will also be getting maybe a pair of Compression Calf Sleeves to help with the shin splints just in case. It doesn't hurt to be prepared. ;)

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