Friday, June 6, 2014

Color Me Rad 5K

Have you ever run a really cool race before? Something like Color Me Rad 5K? I haven't and I have always wanted to! I have always been interested in running in a race that was filled with lots of fun colors and something that just was short and fun to run in. And being that I am now training to run in a half marathon why not start out in running a 5k first?

Color Me Rad 5K is coming soon to a city near you! I have always seen this race from so many of my friends running in one that I wanted to be able to give it a try. This year is the year that I am going to! I have signed up to run the race on 9/6/14 at 9:10am in Wilmington, NC and I'm beyond estastic about it. This is a race where if you want to be able to blow rainbow colored snot rockets for a week then guess what? You can!!! You may be asking how it works and this is how the Color Me Rad 5K race works. You will start off the race wearing a nice clean white shirt and with each color zone you get to you will be blasted and hit and bombarded with color! And after getting through all of the zones and you have crossed the finish line then you will have your final coating of color. You will soon look like a tie-dyed person instead of a live person. Haha! I can't wait!!!

About the Color Bombs and Blasts! In previous years the color bombs and blasts have been made with gluten but starting in 2012 they started using gluten free! Awesome!!! So they are now GF Cornstarch Color Bombs and Blasters! Awesomeballs! I can't wait to look like a tie-dyed smurf! Let's see which one of my friends I can talk into running/walking this with me...I might have to sign up Olivia to run it with me too since it seems like I might have her that weekend. :) Whoop Whoop!

If you'd like to sign up and either get "RAD" with me or get "RAD" with someone else you know then use this code, "RADFIT" to get 15% off until July 1st.

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