Friday, October 10, 2014

I have found a coffee creamer!

So today I was on my way out the door to head to the local Walmart when I started to pick up a soda, Pepsi Next. I then thought about it and decided to put it back and grab a bottle of water. Wow! What a difference that is from just a month ago because I would have continued to go on about my business and not even worry about what I was drinking. Even while on vacation I did have soda but I had water and eventually drank more water than soda. Surprise, Surprise.  Well while shopping for a few things that we needed, I found a coffee creamer a friend told me about. I grabbed it and thought to myself if I don't like it I can always add some sugar or something to it. Well came home and made my cup of coffee and didn't add any sugar to it! Sweet! It's called Coffeemate Italian Sweet Cream and it's sugar free! Even better! I have tried some other coffee creamers out there that have been sugar free and they weren't that good. But this I could use on a daily basis and not put any sugar in my coffee. One more step to becoming healthy I guess.

On the other note I am baking my grandma a 2 layer cake for her 95th birthday which just happens to be today and making homemade buttercream frosting to go on it. Yum. So unhealthy but I figured it's an honor to be eating cake with my grandma who is 95 years old! I will cherish these memories forever! Ok, not going to cry today over it but I am sure I will later.  We are having a small family get together and so it's pizza and salad night with homemade birthday cake. Can't turn that down today. Tomorrow is a new day!

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