Saturday, October 4, 2014

On Track & No Soda!

So today I have been on track of my training schedule and while it might seem like I haven't been up to doing normal things like actually running, I am still on track by just walking. Today I walked almost 2 miles which for me is a big deal because I did this in flip-flops which wasn't a good idea but hey we weren't planning on walking as far as we did. It felt great to get out in the fall air and just walk. I am actually planning on walking in just a little bit and even possibly running some in our neighborhood. I downloaded the MapmyRun on my iPhone and have found that it is that simple to use it. I will be looking at getting a Sparkle Skirt to be able to run and still keep my phone and personal items with me. Plus it's getting cooler out and so it will be nice to have something to keep my items in when I go for a walk or run.

Another thing that I have decided to cut out is my drinking soda's. I have drank nothing but water today and 3 cups of coffee. I'm still having to use creamer and sugar but I am going to hopefully change that over to splenda or sugar in the raw or sweet n low. I have to have some kind of flavoring in my coffee but maybe I will get used to black coffee one day too. (not!!!) Today I feel so much better and I noticed that my skin looks so much better compared to how it looked a few days ago. Almost glowing to me but it could be that I'm happy that I will hopefully have a job that I will love soon. So be on the lookout for me being able to purchase more and more things soon for my running and Disney addiction!

The picture above is from our walk today. It's going to be dark when I attempt to run or jog in the cold, crisp air so I'm sure the pictures won't come out that great!

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