Saturday, April 16, 2016

Down 5lbs!

I have been eating better now for almost 2 weeks and I am officially down 5lbs! I have quit eating sugar and feel so much better too. It's amazing how much better you feel after stopping something you have eaten all your life. I have also been soda free for 4 days now as well. My doctor changed the dosage of one of my medications and sodas unfortunately have taken a beating to my tastebuds. They taste either flat, like drywall or like I'm licking a ashtray. So yeah, I'm not drinking soda again! It's a good change though. I did find a good few drinks though and really like them. One of them is called PACt by Ocean Spray and the other is bai which I love! I love them both so much that I went back to Target today and got more!

I am very proud of my progress so far and I will continue to lose weight and update my progress.

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