Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Went Running Again! Finally!

I finally bit the bullet again and went running and walking again last night. Now it wasn't in the proper shoes but it was nice to get out and enjoy the warm weather and enjoy the running again. It was quick short sprints in flip flops but it was fun. I was pushing my 1 year old nephew in the stroller and I enjoyed myself. I did a little over a half mile last night but I did well over my steps for the day which is what I wanted to do for several days now. I have been keeping track of my calories and what I have been eating via MyFitnessPal. I have cut out all soda and am so proud of myself too. I have officially been soda free for a week now and can't be any happier for myself. I have been drinking sweet tea but that is about it but not too often. I have found a new drink called bai and love it but sticking to water mainly for me.

I plan on getting a small run in later on for me and or walk in and that is about it. :) Time to get my training in for the Wine and Dine Half now!

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