Monday, November 10, 2014

Met Goal 1!

Today I met one of my first goals that I had set for me! I wanted to run/walk at least 1 mile and today was the day I met that! I did on Saturday .90 miles but I still felt like I could have gone farther along but didn't push it. Today I pushed it a little more and I did make it to 1 mile and added another .11 miles to the total. So yes I did 1.11 miles in under 22 minutes which is a goal for me. I want to work on getting that down but I'm sure I will pretty soon. Tomorrow is rest day and actually I'm going to be spending time with my husband and daughter instead. I am going to still do my core workout and kill it and know that working out on my rest days are still good enough for me. I also plan on doing day 3 on Wednesday...hopefully I will have some of my winter clothes to be able to wear since come this weekend it will be cold with a chance of snow and wintery mix.'s coming and we know it is.

I am still kind of shocked that I did 1 mile and I know that with time I will get better! Wednesday going to try and go further than today! My legs are still killing me but it's a good feeling and not a bad one.

What kind of workout did you do today? Did you go to the gym, workout at home or just take a rest day?

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