Thursday, May 15, 2014

Walking and Running

Today I was going to start working on the Couch to Run 10k program but seriously can't because it's storming out today. Go figure! So instead I will be working on homework instead. But I like my new teacher in my accounting class this go round.

I have been walking in the evening and it feels good. One thing that I have been wanting to get is a Garmin Forerunner 10 GPS Watch for helping me start out with my running and so I hope that I can get one soon. I'm not sure if the Fitbit will be able to do the same thing that I want it to do. I am also going to register for the Glass Slipper Challenge when it opens up in July as well as one of my oldest Best Friends, Kristen who is just as excited in running this with me. I will also look for a half marathon and a 10k to run that I can run before the two races in February 2015.

One thing that I have not had now is no soda since Sunday. That is a big thing for me because I am addicted to soda or at least was. I now have only been drinking one Diet Citrus Green Tea a day and the rest is all Water. That is amazing and I feel so much better too. This week though I feel kind of out of it because I have a tooth that needs to be pulled on Monday. But I have been eating a lot of fruits and veggies too. I have also decided to go back to doing Weight Watchers and I feel like I made the right decision on this too.

Have you ever run a runDisney event before? 

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