Tuesday, May 27, 2014

First Run

Yesterday, Monday, May 26th was my first run. I went down to the track and I had a good run. I didn't last long but it's ok. I lasted longer than I thought I would. I keep getting shin splints and so I think it's time for a new pair of shoes. I need to work on my form too because I will admit I am a heel striker and have been ever since high school. I was in band and when you march you have it drilled in your head that it's heel to toe and so that's what I think. Well...guess what I keep thinking when I run? Yep..that's it! I am going to my parents house on Thursday sometime and I will do my run at their house and it's so tempting to go back into Planet Fitness and join again. I miss going there on my lunch breaks and working out or going on weekends I don't have Olivia and working out. Oh well...one day I will get there again.

I ran .28 miles and I was super sore last night when I went to bed but this morning when I got up I was not that sore. I plan on getting some compression calf sleeves to help me out with the shin splints because I have been told they are some of the only only things that will help get rid of them.

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