Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Good Report from the Doctors

Today I had just a checkup at the doctors office and he said that from a month ago when I was last in there I had lost 7lbs. That made me feel so good and he could tell that I had been doing good. He gave me a few pointers to do and work on but other than that he said everything that I was doing was just perfect.

I'm still hurting as far as the mouth pain goes but not as bad as I was. So that is a good thing. Also you may notice that since last year compared to last June which is when I had my last weigh in of 297 I have lost 30.2lbs. Yay! That's a big thing for me. It might not seem like a lot for many of you but after being put on steroids for half a year this is wonderful news that I'm not heavy in that sense anymore and only 16lbs to go until I hit 250 lbs which is my next mini goal! I am working hard on it and I know that by the end of June I should hit that goal with no problem. I have also decided to start up with my T25 possibly next week but will let you know a little further in the weekend if I really chose to do that or not. It's very difficult but I think I can do it!

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