Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I Want a SparkleSkirt!

After getting new shoes and compression calf sleeves and a gps running watch...I plan on getting myself a SparkleSkirt. I have seen several of my running friends wear them and they swear by them. They don't ride up when they run which to me is a win win situation because the other day when I was running it was like my thighs were eating my shorts. I wanted to at that point say the quote from The Breakfast Club, "Eat My Shorts!" and honestly my thighs were saying that at the time. So annoying if you ask me. I also like the fact that they have a hidden pocket in the waist and in the leg. I plan on getting one for when I run in the Princess Half Marathon in February and hope to get more than one to wear on runs in the future. Here is one that I am looking at getting. And a few more I like the look of. :)

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