Wednesday, May 28, 2014

No Running Tonight

I didn't get to go running tonight due to thunderstorms so that's kinda is stinky. But I did however do 2 hours worth of housework which included sweeping, dusting, doing laundry, making beds, bending over and picking things up and more. The house is cleaned up and it looks nice too.

I burned 1217 calories just by cleaning the house. I even broke a sweat doing it. Who knew it was hard work cleaning a 3000 something square foot house? I sure didn't?! I plan on going for a walk/run at my parents on Friday and then on Sunday we are heading to the North Carolina Zoo and that is exercise in itself. We normally park in Africa because the way we walk is all uphill which is a great workout for us all and it's supposed to be a pretty day. We plan on packing our lunch and eating there . I'm hoping Yoda will be alright while we are there and he is here for most of the day. Last time we went to the zoo we got rained out halfway during our trip so we're hoping this go round we will be able to see of the exhibits.

Another thing I plan on doing is going on Saturday to Dicks Sporting Goods and trying on several pairs of different running shoes. I want to see what pair feels the best to me. I have tried on Asics before but they were the Kayanos and they hurt my feet. But I haven't given any of the other models a try. I will try them this time. I need to find a good pair that has a ton of support. What is your favorite pair of running shoe and why?

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