Sunday, March 22, 2015

Dinner before the Half Marathon!

For dinner the night before the half marathon, I decided to head to the resort and check out what they had. I decided on doing the Create Your Own Pasta and so glad I did too.

I went over and stood in a line that I felt was neverending. It didn't take long to get up to the counter but man it felt like it at the time. I soon ordered Fettichine noodles, with marinara sauce. And choose chicken, garlic (the lady was going to give me a huge scoop and I told I wanted only a little bit), mushrooms and tomatoes to put in my sauce. They soon had it cooking up for me and soon it was ready for me to go pick up my drink and my dessert. I soon paid for my meal using a meal credit and then found an area for me to sit. The food court was pretty empty and I had no trouble finding a place to sit. I found a seat near a window looking out at the water.

My pasta dinner

Jason's Dinner
Soon Jason decided to get the same thing for dinner and he chose chicken alfredo and picked up a cheesecake and a drink. I am so glad that we had saved one of our meals from Friday so that we could use it for lunch and still have a credit for dinner. I can't believe that after starting on my pasta meal I have to say I ate just about all of it. It was so good and this is something that I would definitely get again from Port Orleans Riverside. I soon headed to the room to take a shower and to get some of my things put together. I also before leaving the food court decided to get a "Runners Breakfast" and paid $7.49 for it. I am so happy that I got it. Made life a little easier the next morning!

I also laid out Flat Charlotte before heading to bed. That way it would make life a lot easier the next morning too! I'm so glad I did as well. Felt like I was actually prepared for the race for once! Yay!

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