Thursday, December 4, 2014

New Shoes...again!

Yes..I may have done it again! I went out and got new running shoes again! I went with a pair that I was originally fitted for back in June and I have to say that it's a huge improvement over the Asics that I have now. I purchased the Brooks Ghost 7 Running shoes and let me just say my feet feel like they are in heaven right now! They don't hurt and they feel like they are completely cushioned in the back which is amazing! I have never had a pair of shoes that have felt this good right out of the box. It's absolutely wonderful to have shoes that feel this good and I even went for a run yesterday and even though I didn't feel good it felt good to run in.

I will make some adjustments to the shoes just to make them more comfortable for my runs but lets just say they are perfect for my runs and will be perfect for my training for the half marathon in February. I am hoping to not take Olivia to Disney World in February and hoping that it will be a birthday trip for me to enjoy with just me and Jason. :) Plus running the half is even better! Running on the 22nd is going to be a good thing too because the 21st is going to be the 4 year anniversary of my granddad's death so this will be for him too! One week from his birthday to be exact so no need to worry at all.  Pop-Pop will be with me during my run.

Tomorrow I will go on my run and I will push harder than ever this go round. I may have not felt very good yesterday but I need to push harder than ever since I don't have that many more days for training. May have to go sign up for a gym membership after all instead of waiting to get a treadmill for Christmas.

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