Friday, December 19, 2014

Getting Excited...

I have to say that since December is almost over...I'm getting really excited knowing that the race is only 2 months away from Monday! It's hard to believe it will be here before you know it and yes I still need to book my resort and room and all that and I will do that but I am so slack lately on it. I need to crack down on it. We have been trying to figure out if we wanted to fly down and where to stay and all that so we may have figured it out. Jason said he would look more at it when he comes home next week and he has a little more time to really look at it and the prices since he will be the one paying for it all. I have been looking for a used treadmill that I can set up in the garage to run since I have been wanting one. Whenever we move we will take it with us but it will be nice for me to use on the super cold days and I can play my music via my speakers and all that out in the garage. If we had enough room in the bedroom, the treadmill would be coming upstairs in the room with us but right now we don't have enough room.

Speaking of treadmills...I will be posting a different post just asking some advise on one. Since I am looking at a used one instead of a new one I will be asking very specific questions. But until then, I will leave you with a picture of me showing my progress of what I looked like last year compared to just this past week. I feel great too which is very nice to feel after feeling like crud all last year! The picture above is from tonight from when I arm knitted this beautiful infinity scarf for myself. It's not perfect but that is ok with me!

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