Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Back at it!!! Finally!

So I have decided that since I didn't make my goal for the month of June or May but I have decided to try again for the month of July. I had set my goal of 30 miles for the month of July but so far I'm already at 21.1 miles for the month of July. So I have reset my goal to 60 miles! Yep, I know this is going to be an easy goal to obtain considering that I have been going out with my mom for the past several days! She has been pushing me to go and I'm glad she has been! If it has not been her pushing me then I might not be going out and losing the weight or anything else. I'm noticing that I'm starting to slim down and my pants and things aren't fitting like they used to. Yes! Something I've been definitely working on and am so proud of how it's coming along!

I will update more later but let the running and the blogging begin again! My funk is gone finally!!! Off to go for a run with mom again! Peace out people!!!

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