Thursday, April 16, 2015

Haven't disappeared!

Don't worry! I haven't disappeared! I have been dealing with the pollen overload and lot's of appointments for Olivia so it's been kind of hectic on our end. I am still losing weight and when I tried on a pair of shorts that fit just a month ago, they are now way too big! Yes! I am so excited about this but sad because just 4 years ago, I purchased these shorts knowing that I would be able to wear the size 18 and I would be able to look nice when we would go on vacation. Now they fall off of me and I Need to go clothes shopping which I hate to do just before my monthly cycle because I gain like 5lbs each month. So I will wear those shorts for another week and then I will go ahead and go out and buy myself some new clothes that I desperately need.

While we were on spring break and went to Wilmington, we stopped in at a different Goodwill and I happened to find several things for Olivia to wear. In the finds I found myself a new swimsuit top and I was so surprised at the size of it. I am used to seeing a size 2xl or even a 1xl womens. But I haven't worn just an xl in many years that I never thought I would ever see that size again. Wrong! That's the exact size that I got and it looks amazing on me! So I now have a new top to wear when we go away for Olivia's birthday next weekend!

Tomorrow I will be getting a lot of exercise since we are heading to the NC Zoo with the 5th Grade class for the field trip! I plan on taking my garmin watch with me to see how far we walk that day! It should be an interesting day that's for sure! Monday is my appointment with the GI doctor to see the plan about possibly going Gluten Free since I found out that when I was younger I wasn't allowed to eat wheat or bread because of the issues it caused my stomach and intestines. Hmm...makes me wonder if this is the same thing happening to me now.

Have a great Thursday everyone! I will update tomorrow after the trip!

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