Sunday, January 11, 2015

WDW Marathon Weekend & Dopey Challenge

This weekend has been the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend and Dopey Challenge! I am so happy for my friends who have accepted the Dopey Challenge and just completed it today! I am so proud of them for doing this challenge because not only is it a big challenge to take on but it's something that one day I would love to do.

The challenge that I am speaking of is the Dopey Challenge. With this challenge you have to complete the following races in order to get your Dopey Challenge medal: 5K, 10k, 1/2 Marathon and Marathon. All these races have to be completed in order to receive your medal! I would love to do this of course with my husband but he would have to start to run in order for us to complete this together. Maybe one day I can get him to commit to run. Just haven't gotten him to commit just yet. I need to get to running now because the weather is only going to get colder and nastier this week. :( I'm not looking forward to it.

I thought about joining planet fitness but the problem with joining planet fitness is I have to drive to town and honestly I don't feel like driving to town half of the time. I normally don't go to town unless I have to. Yes that's lazy or that's smart to save on gas. We are also looking into purchasing a treadmill for me to be able to train at home. I only wish we had a home that had a basement because then I could go to the basement and train right there and it wouldn't matter what I looked like. I am still self conscious about myself and I'm working on that but for now I will continue to be self conscious.

I do however need to go to Walmart to get some running tights to be able to run in outdoors. I need something warmer than what I run in. What do you suggest?

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