Monday, October 12, 2015

Deferral on Wine & Dine 2015

So yesterday I had to "adult" up and go ahead and defer my race for the Wine & Dine Half Marathon 2015. We have things that we need to pay for and we're going to take advantage of my parents timeshare up in the mountains of Virginia this year so we decided to hold off on the race this year. I put in for the deferral last night and wasn't sure if I had gotten it but I got the email just a little bit ago and it's been confirmed. It's my first race I have ever had to defer but I am glad that I now have more time to train and I'm super excited!

Last night I went for a walk with mom and my sister's dog, Possum. It was so pretty out and cool out and loved it! We walked almost 5 miles and I wasn't hurting or breathing hard at all. I was so happy that I had walked that same spot that we tried to earlier this year and it was not pretty then. So to be able to do it in less than 2 hours I was doing good compared to last time. I think tonight I might go out again and walk again and add in some streets too. :) I'm excited too because I am also getting a reflective safety vest to try out tomorrow so that means I will feel a lot safer on the roads at night or in the morning (who am I kidding? I need my sleep!)

So I'm sure I will post that review on here later this week!

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