Monday, November 4, 2013

Seeing Signs of Weight Loss

I have been seeing some signs of weight loss already. I have been doing my best in eating at home with drinking no soda and it seems to be working. My face and neck look thinner than they did in September and even when I'm on my monthly cycle I can tell that I'm not bloated as much. This is a huge change since June. If you are wondering why I was so concerned about it in June was we went on our family vacation to Walt Disney World and my face and body were so swollen from all the steroids that I was on for almost 6 months. Well I put on the shirt that I wore at Disney World yesterday and it fits so much nicer. It's not super tight on me and it actually looks a lot nicer on me. I can tell I feel better without the soda too because I'm not so tired and swollen feeling. Whenever I would drink a ton of soda I would feel like my hands and feet are swollen.

My face looks thinner as well.

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